What is MPI®?

MPI® (Maximum Premium Indexing) is an innovative financial strategy using an Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance contract, referred as an IUL 2.0, with features and benefits not previously provided together. Using this innovative insurance contract for retirement income purposes can produce up to 4x more income compared to the traditional retirement vehicles including the 401k, Roth IRA, real estate rentals, IUL 1.0 and Whole Life.

These Features Include:

SunCor-Logo-2a.pngPermanent Life Insurance to Protect Your Family Against the Unexpected

SunCor-Logo-2a.pngTax-Free Distributions and Retirement Income

SunCor-Logo-2a.pngNo Access Penalty of Your Cash Value For Early Retirement

SunCor-Logo-2a.pngGuaranteed Security Against Market Risk Using the 0% Floor

SunCor-Logo-2a.pngGrowth Inside the S&P500 Crediting Strategy

SunCor-Logo-2a.pngExclusive MPI® Match Program To Accelerate Compound Interest Potential

SunCor-Logo-2a.pngIncreased Cash Value By Up to 200% Over an IUL

SunCor-Logo-2a.pngIncreased Retirement Income By Up To 400% Over the Roth IRA/ 401(k)

"After evaluating MPI® for myself and my clients, I've determined it to be a game changing innovation that can help save the next generation of retirees from failed retirement plans"
- Spencer Alldredge, CFP®

Pay yourself first

SunCor-Logo-2a.pngSet aside 10% of what you earn – never less.

SunCor-Logo-2a.pngRemaining 90% for all other expenses.

SunCor-Logo-2a.pngYOU are the priority.

Start Today

SunCor-Logo-2a.pngCommit to Your future today

SunCor-Logo-2a.pngTime will make you wealthy

SunCor-Logo-2a.pngTime matters more than anything else

Protect Your Money

SunCor-Logo-2a.pngKeeping your money safe is the cornerstone to wealth

SunCor-Logo-2a.pngKeeping what you’ve earned is more important than earning more.

SunCor-Logo-2a.pngLosses have more impact than gains

Compound Interest

SunCor-Logo-2a.pngCompound Interest is money making money

SunCor-Logo-2a.pngGrowth potential is only limited by time

SunCor-Logo-2a.pngNot all investments compound

Compound Acceleration

SunCor-Logo-2a.pngAccelerating the rate of Compounding increases wealth potential

SunCor-Logo-2a.pngMPI® Match Program provides additional assets to build wealth

SunCor-Logo-2a.pngSecure Leverage (O.P.M.) provides a strategy to protect money

MPI® Secure Compound Interest Account


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